Skrill is a leader among payment systems used for online gaming and freelance payments. Known since 2001 as Moneybookers, the company still has a fairly high reputation as a user and among business platforms.

It does not work with unlicensed suppliers of gambling and lotteries,
has a flexible loyalty system for active users (VIP statuses),
replenishment of gambling sites for free and instant,
low commissions,
topping up with a bank card or bank account,
withdrawal: to a bank account, to a bank card or from a Skrill card,
additional instruments, like - one-touch payment
and many other things that ensure the popularity of both the payment system and the casino, working with Skrill.  

Unlike other payment systems, Skrill does not earn on individuals and ordinary users, but on casinos and shops. On average, Skrill withholds 1.5 - 5% of the deposit made by the player from casinos. This is probably why casinos are not very fond of large deposits and payments on Skrill.

For example, you make a €1,000 deposit to your casino account from your Skrill wallet. The casino will pay a commission of € 30 for this transaction. If a player wins €50, orders a payout and then deposits again for €1,000, the operator will not like it.

skrill casinos for VIP customers
For non-verified (not verified) Scrill wallet the amount of transactions on the account is limited (approximately € 200, but here at the discretion of the payment system). To remove this restriction, you need to pass the verification of identity and account belonging. This is not the most complicated procedure, which only requires a passport, residence permit (or document with your place of residence) and your photo with a handwritten paper saying "Skrill".

It's all for our security to avoid fraud and money laundering. In fact, these are standard requirements for UK payment systems to ensure that both personal and financial data are protected.

There is a VIP status program for active users. There are only 5 (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond), with each status appears:

new advantages (for example, the possibility to create a second account in another currency)
the commissions are reduced or removed completely,
the limits are raised as much as possible or removed completely.
Skrill actively works with online casinos and you can find exclusive offers right on the payment website - just go to the tab with the appropriate name.

Fees will be deducted from an account without a VIP status for almost everything (except for casino top-ups): for wallet top-ups (1%), for bank withdrawals (4.99%/7.5% - VISA/MasterCard), for internal transfer (3%), for conversion (3.79%). Plus limits on all transfers.

You can reduce commissions - you need to make transfers to the casino (or other gambling resource) for the amount:

from € 6,000 for Bronze status,
from €15,000 for Silver status,
from €45,000 - for Gold
from € 90 000 - for Diamond
The amount must be made within one calendar quarter. And already from Silver there will be much lower fees, free internal transfers, free order of Skrill card, almost unlimited I/O and the possibility to open a second account in another currency.
Skrill - payment system friendly to gamblers, as originally focused on the gambling business.  So, feel free to choose a casino with Skrill!